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Natural marble floor tiles in many respects are the most versatile type of natural stone flooring, with varieties of marble tiles available in honed, filled, tumbled, polished and matt finishes. Our range of marble floor tiles has been selected for it's subtlety, making marble floor tiles suitable for a more understated look while still being durable. Not only do we offer the slightly more ostentatious highly polished varieties of marble tiles, but we also offer a range of aged marble tiles. With brushed finish highlights, delicate pits and crevices, and feint coloured veining, marble floor tiles can add visual appeal to any room.

With the honed varieties of marble tiles being suited to more contemporary interiors, our range of tumbled marble floor tiles can perfectly compliment the features of a period property. The veining of or marble tiles and the range in colour from cinnamon through to quartz, can add areas of interest, integral to the authentic look of natural stone. With the range of colours and finishes available, natural marble floor tiles really can suit any decor and once the marble tiles are sealed and grouted, they can withstand family life with ease and are easy to clean. Marble tiles can also add substantial value to your home